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The WSA score (WeShareApps score) is an indication of how well the app works on WeShareApps. The score is based on well-known practices within Progressive Web App (PWA), Performance and Accessibility.

The focus is to provide relevant and user-friendly apps to the benefit of our users and developers.

Ludwig is a linguistic search engine that lets you search and solve your linguistic doubts, helps
you to turn your ideas into well written texts, makes you more independent and confident at your job.

Whenever you are writing in English you can search on Ludwig to:
- Get reliable English translations, with contextualized examples
- Check your English sentences by comparing them side by side with reliable examples
- Find the inspiration to express your ideas with ease and learn how to write more effectively »

We blended the state of the art Natural Language Processing techniques and Cognitive Sciences. Imagine Ludwig as a gigantic dictionary of correct sentences (coming from reliable sources) coupled with a powerful proprietary search algorithm optimized for linguistic searches.Writing with confidence is a right and this is why Ludwig is free at

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